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Refrigerator Dispute: Consumer Rights Upheld

The District Commission found Voltas, its technician, and the store responsible for inadequate service in a refrigerator repair case. They were directed to refund the repair fee and pay compensation to the complainant.

refrigerator, fix, repair, compensation, consumer


The District Commission intervened in a dispute involving Voltas, its technician, and Cool Star Refrigeration Store. The complaint alleged deficient service and unfair trade practices regarding a refrigerator repair.


Mr. Sushil Gupta purchased a Voltas refrigerator from Cool Star Refrigeration but faced water leakage issues shortly after. Despite repair attempts by Voltas and the store, the problem persisted. Frustrated by the unresolved issue, Mr. Gupta approached the District Commission seeking resolution.

Defendant’s Response

In response, Voltas and its technician contested the complaint, raising procedural objections. They alleged that Mr. Gupta obstructed inspection attempts and failed to file a formal complaint. Cool Star Refrigeration did not participate in the proceedings, resulting in an ex-parte proceeding against them.

Commission’s Observation

The District Commission scrutinized WhatsApp messages provided by Mr. Gupta, demonstrating his efforts to address the issue and acknowledgment of payment. Despite charging for repairs, the defendants failed to rectify the persistent issues with the refrigerator.

District Commission’s Ruling

Based on the evidence and observations, the District Commission held Voltas, its technician, and Cool Star Refrigeration Store liable for deficient services and unfair trade practices. They were ordered to refund Mr. Gupta Rs. 1800, along with interest, and pay compensation of rs.5000 for mental agony and harassment. Additionally, they were directed to cover Mr. Gupta’s litigation costs incurred during the legal proceedings.


The ruling emphasizes the significance of promptly addressing consumer grievances and honoring service commitments. It underscores the necessity for businesses to adhere to ethical practices and prioritize customer satisfaction to maintain consumer trust and uphold their reputation in the market.

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