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The rapid expansion of the Internet has transformed various aspects of life, offering convenience and accessibility. However, this digital revolution has also given rise to cybercrime, posing significant challenges globally, including in India. This article explores the proactive measures taken by the Haryana Police to address the escalating threat of cybercrime and safeguard the interests of its citizens

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Understanding Cybercrime

Cybercrime encompasses a spectrum of illegal activities where computers and mobile phones serve as tools or indirect targets. Traditional criminal offenses such as theft, fraud, defamation, and mischief now have digital counterparts, necessitating amendments in legal frameworks to combat evolving threats.

Legal Reforms

The Information Technology Act of 2000 introduced crucial amendments to the Indian Penal Code and the Indian Evidence Act, aiming to provide legal recognition to electronic transactions and communications while establishing stringent measures to tackle cyber threats. These reforms reflect the government’s commitment to adapt to the digital age and ensure effective regulation and enforcement.

The State of Cybercrime in Haryana

A report published in September 2023 shed light on the prevalence of cybercrime in Haryana. As Haryana ranked 23rd in terms of quick response to cybercrime complaints, with recovery rate of just 8.6%. This report gave a reality check to intensify efforts to curb these offenses. Despite earlier rankings indicating a slow response to cybercrime complaints and a modest recovery rate, the Haryana Police have stepped up their efforts to combat this growing menace. There are around 300 people fall victim to cybercrime in the state every day, with a significant number of frauds reported from districts like Gurgaon, Rohtak and Hisar.

The Golden Hour Approach

Recognizing the importance of timely intervention, the Haryana Police introduced the concept of the “golden hour.” Reporting cybercrimes within an hour on the National Helpline No. 1930 significantly increases the chances of recovering lost amounts, ranging from 90% to 100%. Additionally, prompt reporting within six hours of the transaction can lead to the recovery of up to 60% of the lost amount., which decreases to 20% after six hours.

Other Efforts

The Haryana Police have forged partnerships with Integrated Cybercrime Coordinate Centers (I4C) and 20 Banks to freeze defrauded amounts. Police have blocked 70,000 mobile numbers associated with cyber fraud. These collaborative endeavors have been instrumental in enhancing the state’s capabilities to combat cybercrime effectively.

To bolster its cybercrime-fighting capabilities, the Haryana Police have significantly expanded the staffing at the State Coordination Center for Cybercrimes in Panchkula. Moreover, police officers from the Cybercrime Unit have been deployed at the I4C headquarters in Delhi to enhance coordination with bank representatives and streamline investigations.

Future Direction

Looking ahead, the Haryana Police remain committed to staying ahead of the curve in combating cybercrime. Initiatives such as engaging with Google representatives to devise strategies against fraudulent helpline numbers underscore their proactive stance in addressing emerging threats.


In conclusion, the Haryana Police’s proactive approach to combatting cybercrime exemplifies their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of citizens in the digital age. By implementing innovative strategies, forging collaborations, and leveraging technology, they are laying the foundation for a safer cyber landscape in the state.

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